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Contact beyond contact

Felt like I began the session with mostly strangers sitting around me and left feeling grounded and connected to a community.

Felt alive and inspired upon leaving.

It was nourishing to allow myself to feel that vulnerability and lean into the safe container that Dany held and facilitated for us.

A.S., Flagstaff, United States 2021


'Slow down - feel - sense - connect'

Directed and edited by:

Heather Falenski @stop_listen_smile


Zachary Koval @zachayoval, Karen Suture, Daniela Schmidt

move to express not to impress



'Lately I expierienced a CBC workshop lead by Dany. The workshop  started with a miraculous cacao ceremony.
The feeling of unity and connectedness with myself and others was very special to me, which was possible & supported by the way Dany is teaching & holding space in this practice. She`s a very empathic and inspiring teacher. I really enjoyed the exercises, the dancing and of course the heart opening effect the cacao ceremony.'

J. H., Karlsruhe, Germany 15.06.2019



'I had a few touch points with contact impro before Dany's workshop. According to that, I was excited and eager to explore, what the CBC practice hast to offer. I found it beautiful to experience deep contact thorugh the offered exercises. My personal highlight was the jam time in the end. It was a well rounded feeling of comfort and a feeling of flow dancing with the whole group. Dany managed to hold space for a amazing group feeling. I can reccomend Danys workshop to anyone.'

B. F., Karlsruhe, Germany 2019

bottom photo by Louis Wray @visualsanctuary

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