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- a tool THAT WORKS through THE THETA-STATE to access THE SUBCONSCIOUS for more freedom, happiness and healing.

THEKI® is a theta-state based tool. It is confirmed by science, that we can access our subconscious through the theta-brainwave-state. Only in the theta-state we can achieve long lasting and sustainable effects.  Utilizing the theta-state we can consciously work on all topics of life by consciously transforming them. We truly have the power to re-program ourselves and clear the past.


In THEKI® we work holistically, we pay attention to body, soul and spirit, transforming blockages, limiting beliefs, trauma to harmonize and heal relationships and any other important areas in your life.


THEKI® is a creation process that releases your life energy, the power of creation, which can be actively used in life to achieve what you want. We peel off layer by layer of what you are not in order to restore your unique wholeness. How far or deep you go is up to you as client. To transform and to heal has to come from a decision that is rooted from within.


By entering the theta brain wave state, the THEKI® practitioner can directly access & release the root of painful behavior patterns and feelings in your system.


You can truly let go to finally be and do what you have always wanted.

We transform trauma, core trauma, blockages, unhealthy behavior patterns, harmonize relationships, replace beliefs and manifest through the theta-state and more.


In sessions we realize, that sometimes a certain topic, trauma or belief is not ours and could come from our ancestor line or a past/parallel incarnation. With the command "Transform" your current biography, your ancestor line and parallel/past incarnations are covered and receive transformation.

In this way we can truly have a sustainable and long lasting effect of healing and transformation.


THEKI® is freedom and a pathway to see yourself as the creator of your life.

No more being the victim of your life, your experiences, your circumstances.

THEKI® leads you to a life that you want to live. A life that is fulfilling, with less baggage, more joy and the feeling and experience of a deliberate creator.

Message me for further questions and to book a session.

I am excited to meet you!

birth right:
the joyful and happy soul you are.

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