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Hi, I am Daniela, alias Dany, born and raised in Germany. I completed school for kindergarden teacher in 2011 and finished my Bachelor degree in Social Work in 2015.

After graduation I started to travel more outside of Europe overseas, to meet and experience the slackline family, heal and find guidance for a new way of work.

Since the present moment, I lead authentic relating, acro & yoga and movement classes. I’m a Theki® Practitioner, Contact Beyond Contact™ facilitator trained in Bali and in Greece.

I am, as everyone, on a unique but similar path: to find truth, happiness and joy while constantly expanding, creating, growing with all the challenges and beauty life has to offer.

How to join me on this journey:

- Book a Theki® Session with me

- Come to my live workshops in Flagstaff Arizona

- Book a coaching call with me where we dive deep for 3 - 6 months with Theki® and Coaching Calls.

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